Your Time Is Too Important To Waste.

You can effectively relate, connect, understand, and lead... if you have the right set of tools.

Each of us has two sets of tools. The first toolbox is filled with the technical skills, equipment, and devices needed to help us carry out our activities. The second toolbox is invisible. It contains the tools that we use in human interactions.

According to Harvard University, Stanford Research Institute, and the Carnegie Foundation, 85% of your success comes from our interpersonal skills and how you relate to others.

Your Invisible Toolbox® tackles the challenges many of us face with a unique set of research-based tools, put together in an easy-to-apply road map to success.

When used well, the effects of using these tools are anything but invisible.



Your Invisible Toolbox®...

This book isn’t criticizing millennials. This book isn’t ONLY for millennials. This book isn’t built on opinions. This isn’t another boring business book. This isn’t a quick fix to personal or professional success.

So what is it?

This book is for everyone. This book is a key to success. This book is easy to understand and use. This book translates across all generations. This book is foundational to 21st century communication. This book is a must read for anyone trying to get a promotion, lead a successful team, get heard and noticed, gain confidence and poise, take control of their life and career, and become a well-groomed professional.

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85% Of Success Is Based On Your People Skills

What is the number one reason people get a job, keep a job, and get promoted in their job? Short answer - they have an ability to communicate effectively.

- Carnegie Institute of Technology

How The Book Is Organized

Part I: Tools For Interacting With Others

The skills that led to success in the past are being challenged and replaced with new models of interacting. This section provides the skills and tools to prepare professionals for the new reality and changing environment for how we communicate with each other.

Part II: Tools For Presenting Yourself In The World

Anytime you show up somewhere you are presenting yourself.  But how do you want to be perceived? Presenting yourself effectively, whether one-on-one or to groups, ranks high on the lists of qualities identified for success in the workplace. 

Part III: Tools For Working Globally

Whether you're in the city you work or in Dubai, twenty-first century business requires you to competently interact and communicate with clients and colleagues of different cultures. Be prepared and don't let what you don't know hurt you and your work. 

Part IV: Tools For Leaders

Leaders are faced with challenges they've never seen in the past and no leaders that preceded them have dealt with. The ability to acquire skills through experience or from mentors who have "walked in their shoes" will be profoundly insufficient. Find guidance on how to lead.

Part V: Tools For Personal Growth

The best place to to start understanding people is to understand ourselves, our strengths and blemishes. Only then can we begin to understand others and choose actions and reactions suited to the wide range of interpersonal situations we can encounter.

"Many business based books provide insight and motivation around two or three key concepts. Your Invisible Toolbox rises to the next level, delivering 100 tangible and actionable skills that millennials, gen x'ers and baby boomers can and should utilize regularly in the workplace. The book is loaded with numerous real life examples, that are easy to relate to and provide support to the tools provided. This is a very useful and fun book that can serve as a road map to successfully navigating the modern business environment."

Jeff Rommel, Senior Vice President, Nationwide

"A great insight and instructional book that was captivating, motivating and overall a book that I will keep to picking up as I continue to grow as a professional!! Would highly recommend for anyone."

Mikaela Stanley, CEO/Founder, Woofrider



"Called by multiple names - soft skills, employability skills, 21st-century skills - they are critical skills necessary to go along with the hard skills, digital fluency, creativity and innovation that modern work and life demand. Rowena and Deb put it all together in one place - Your Invisible Toolbox - simple to understand, adaptable and read to work when you want to enhance your life."

Scott Raecker, The Robert D. And Billie Ray Center



Team Leaders, Your Time Is Too Important To Waste.

Ensure your team is all on the same page by giving them the tools to relate, connect, understand and lead. You will find success in engaging team discussions vital to creating the best possible outcomes for your work.

Your Invisible Toolbox® will help guide you and members of your team by improving upon communication skills.  Use the 100 research based tools to facilitate discussions, meetings and team gatherings. With these tools you will notice the positive difference in your team. 

Don't let your team be invisible, but instead have them stand out with Your Invisible Toolbox®

Calling All Team Leaders!

Take the tools from Your Invisible Toolbox® book and make them interactive with your team or leaders. Don't stop with just reading Your Invisible Toolbox, but make those tools actionable.  The NEW companion card deck is the perfect piece to compliment team meetings, lunch and learns and more!

A few ways to play:

• An ice breaker

• Use to set goals

• Facilitate discussion

• Get to know team members

• Set challenges

• Fishbowl style

• Section a week challenge

• Starting strategic thinking

Communication skills may be viewed as common sense, but they aren't.  Use the card deck as a "vehicle" to start and drive the discussion and move creative conversations forward.

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Graduates and Young Professionals, Your Time Is Too Important To Waste.

No matter the job you are applying for or just beginning, strong communication skills is the number one trait employers hope to see in candidates or recent hires. 

Your Invisible Toolbox® contains unique research-based tools, available for you to use on your way to success. Easily applicable and relatable to adapt to your daily life. Make sure you have the extra edge employers and companies are looking for. 

Don't be invisible or just one of the many applicants, but stand out by using the tools available to you. You are anything but invisible. 

What Do We Really Know About Millennials?

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