Raving Reviews for Your Invisible Toolbox

This really is a toolbox that can be used in multiple ways to enhance critical skills for success and significance. I’ll be purchasing a copy for the two millennial young adults in our family with strong encouragement for them to use it intentionally – just as I will be using it to enhance my own leadership and pathway to significance. I’ll also be providing a copy to every millennial I hire because these are the skills we need highly developed in each of our team members.

- J. Scott Raecker, Director, The Robert D. and Billie Ray Center, Drake University

In their new volume The Invisible Toolbox, "Ro" and "Deb" have distilled 25 years of enormously successful professional training at Tero International, the "go-to" institute in Central Iowa for turning out polished performers, from Miss America contestants to entry level agricultural extension specialists and future corporate boardroom occupants. With 100 compelling stories, each sharing an insight into more effective interpersonal interaction, The Invisible Toolbox is based on the bottom line proposition that 85% of career success depends on soft skills. Whether coaching on making eye to eye contact, business etiquette or effective public speaking, the authors provide take-away two or three word bottom-line lessons and insights that are designed to put the finishing touches on an entire generation of newly minted young professionals.

- Ambassador Kenneth M. Quinn, President, The World Food Prize

Many business based books provide insight and motivation around two or three key concepts.  “Your Invisible Toolbox” rises to the next level, delivering 100 tangible and actionable skills that millennials, gen x’ers and baby boomers can and should utilize regularly in the workplace.  The book is loaded with numerous real life examples, that are easy to relate to and provide support to the tools provided.  This is a very useful and fun book that can serve as a roadmap to successfully navigating the modern business environment.

- Jeff Rommel, Senior VP, P & C Sales, Nationwide Insurance

Your Invisible Toolbox is a wonderful compilation of actionable ideas and strategies to make you successful.  It is primarily written for millennials starting their career or for individuals early in their careers.  The book is arranged so it can be easily read but also so that I can be read in  parts or used as a quick reference guide.  It has a place in collegiate leadership classes and will be a benefit to all who read it.  As a lifelong scientist and educator, who has interacted with thousands of students, I RECOMMEND this book for anyone starting or about to start their career and also for those established individuals that want to be fully successful.

- Dr. Steven Leath, Former President, Iowa State University

I really enjoyed reading this book! In the first chapter, tears came to my eyes and made me want to get involved and do something for someone else. Your Invisible Toolbox has good tips and reminders for individuals in any generation. Many times in any type of relationship, you know something went wrong, but are not sure what. This book is a great resource for identifying the "what" and is a great resource piece to use on an on-going basis during the personal development process.

- Ann Fitzpatrick, St. Anthony Hospital

Imagine being able to receive 100 text messages over the space of a few months, where each one provided terrific advice on how to better you career at work and life at home. This book provides just that sort of opportunity.  Crosbie and Rinner have completely researched and interlaced numerous practical examples of how personal growth and achievement can be realized in the world of majority millennials in the workplace.   An especially insightful section on leadership challenges all of us to be leaders in all facets of our lives, even if that means never having "direct reports"   Read this book in one sitting, or savor each of the 100 life lessons separately.  An ideal companion while waiting in line at Starbucks.

- Dr. Chris Nelson, Worldwide President, Kemin Industries

I have had the pleasure of working directly with the Tero International team for many years. As expected, this book provides valuable insights, wisdom and advice to those who are committed to being successful in the workplace and in life. While the focus of the book is on improving the social and interpersonal skills of millennials, the guidance provided is equally applicable to Boomers, Gen X and Gen Z.

- Jay Byers, CEO, Greater Des Moines Partnership

Crosbie and Rinner have purposely written themselves between the ‘rock and a hard place’ occupied by tens of millions of millennials in the American workforce… and handed them tools to earn a spot at the top. Your Invisible Toolbox helps millennials erase the gap between what they say and what they want people to hear.

- Dan Winters, Award-Winning Reporter

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